Turned down by the Bank?

Get Private Financing.

Need a Home Equity Loan? We Can Help.

A home equity loan with private financing is easier to qualify for than a conventional one, as this is based on your home’s equity.

We specialize in providing financing solutions and assistance for individuals who have been turned down by the bank, either due to proof of income issues (such as self-employment), no credit, past bankruptcy, mortgage payments in arrears and more!

For over 15 years, we’ve work closely with a network of lenders to ensure that our client’s needs are met, and to provide a helping hand on the path to financial freedom.

Private Financing Can Help With:

  • Self-employment
  • Proof of income issues
  • High 1st mortgage payout penalty
  • Renovations
  • Job loss
  • Bad credit
  • Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer proposal
  • Debt consolidation mortgage
  • Second mortgage consolidates all debt and gives you payment relief

Home Equity Loan for Private Borrowers

Considering home improvement? Thinking about consolidating high-interest bills? A Home Equity loan may be the perfect solution. With our home equity loan, you borrow one lump sum and pay it back over time. We think it’s a smart ways to borrow against your home. Tap...

Private Borrower Funding for Real Estate

Has your bank turned you down? Or are expecting they will? It seems like mortgage rules change every day. Announcements from the Federal government, changes in mortgage rates; it can be tough to stay on side of the rules when you’re trying to get a mortgage. Private...

Do Credit Scores Matter for Private Borrowers?

If you’ve been turned down for a mortgage by the bank or several banks due to your credit score, you can access your credit report and credit score from one or both of the credit reporting agencies: Trans Union and Equifax. If you own a business, they will likely look...

Rising Mortgage Rates Make Borrowing Tougher

Fast forward to 2014, both CMHC and Central 1 Credit Union, trade association for BC and Ontario credit unions, are forecasting a situation of rising mortgage rates. According to CMHC’s Housing Market Outlook 2013: “For 2014, the one-year posted mortgage rate is...

Private Borrowers Face Rising Mortgage Rates

Stricter CMHC Programs Also Affect Private Borrowers Since 2010, Canada Mortgage and Housing Insurance (CMHC) changed the mortgage insurance program to reduce the potential of a housing market bubble in the sub prime market for insured mortgages. These changes include...