Self Employed? Real Estate Investor?

We can help with a private mortgage.

Why Private Mortgages?

You Have an Alternative.

  • Turned down by a bank, or several banks
  • Need financing fast
  • Own real estate already, but can’t get another mortgage for an investment property
  • Need a ‘non-cookie-cutter’ mortgage for a residential or mixed use property
  • Purchasing a ‘nonconforming’ property and have been told there’s no way it can be financed
  • Unverifiable income or the desire to purchase a unique property leave you stranded

As private mortgage lenders, we work with borrowers who aren’t able to secure financing through banks and other lending institutions.

Easily Qualify for a Private Mortgage

Obtaining a conventional mortgage loan from a bank can be a challenging affair if you have a poor credit score or high debt. Private mortgages lending, on the other hand, is more concerned with your home’s appraised value and doesn’t give importance to your income or credit history. This makes qualifying for a private mortgage from Peninsula Mortgage Corporation easier.

Benefit from Relaxed Loan Terms

As private mortgages offered by Peninsula Mortgage Corporation are not borrowed from banks, but from a large pool of private investors, the terms are much more relaxed in comparison to those offered by banks. This means even if your loan request has been rejected by banks, you may still qualify for a private mortgage from us.

Close your Transaction Quickly

You can complete your private mortgage transaction within a week to ten days. No waiting up to three months to close the deal as is the case with a bank mortgage. Paperwork hassles are non-existent, meaning you can access funding quickly and comfortably.